Normal temperature of a person’s body is 98.4 degree Celsius or 36.4 Fahrenheit. When temperature becomes high than the normal temperature, this stage is called the stage of fever. This thing clears that the body cleans its system by burning the toxins of the body and provides activeness to the body again. A large number of people get terrified again soon in this stage and start treatment soon by taking antibiotic. In this case, resistance power of the body gets reduced and several other kinds of diseases take the body in their grip. There are eight kinds of fevers as fever caused by vata, fever caused by pitta, caused by kapha, fever caused by pitta and vata, fever caused by pitta and kapha, fever caused by vata and kapha, collapsing fever and replacing fever (aagantuk fever).

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Raisin: Grind 7 pieces of seedless dry grapes, 7 corns  of black pepper, 7 almond’s kernels, 7 pieces small cardamom, 5 g endive and 5 g aniseed and then mix it in 100 ml water and 1 spoon unrefined sugar. Now give it to the patient to drink in the morning and evening. It is very useful.

2. Chireta: The patient can take 1 g chireta in the morning and evening to rid of fever.

3. Bondue Nut: Grind 10 g kernel of the seed of bondue nut and 10 g kernels of the seed of butea frondosa in the water and make small tablets of this preparation. Then store after drying in shade. Now take these tablets with water in the morning and evening.

4. Alum: Take 1 gram roasted alum after mixing it in 2 grams unrefined sugar in the morning and evening with water. It abates the temperature of the fever.

5. Long Peeper:

  • Crush 5 g small peeper, 5 g chireta, 5g ochre and nigella seed then filter it. Now mix 20g roasted alum and water of acacia gum’s water in it and make small tablets with this preparation. It is useful to take 1-1 tablet in the morning and evening with water.
  • Grind 20 g small peeper and filter it well. Now lick 1-1 g of this powder mixing with honey in the morning and evening. It is beneficial in fever, cough and asthma.

6. Fenugreek: Grind 10 g fenugreek, 10 g sweet suranjan, 10 g dry ginger and 5 g black salt then filter it properly. Now take it in the morning and evening after meals with lukewarm water. It is useful in all types of fever.

7. Sisymbrium irio: Grind 60 g sisymbrium irio coarsely then store it. Now boil 6 g of it in 125 ml water to make decoction. Take this preparation after filtering it properly in the morning and evening. It is useful.

8. Basil: Make small tablets by grinding 25 g fresh green leaves of basil and 1g black pepper with water. Now take 1-1 tablet with water in the morning and evening after drying in shadow.

9. Pongamia Glabra: Crush 30g kernels of pongamia glabra and 15g bayberry. Take half gram this preparation water thrice a day.

10. Habb Munarak:

  • You can take 1-1 tablet of habb munarak with water as a dose thrice a day.

  • Mix one-third of a cup of water in the juice of chireta and take it thrice a day. You can take a cup of milk also. Take it; it gets rid of old fever.

  • Take one ml juice of chireta with water regularly in the morning and evening.  Its use abates all types of fever.

11. Quinine: Use of quinine in excess quantity also helps to stop sweating in fever.

12. Cardamom: Boil cardamom, bengal and vishkhapara in milk and water until milk remains only. Take it after cooling and filtering. Its use abates all type of fever.