If a sty appears on an eyelid, second stye grows soon on the other eyelids after bursting the first. Sties appear simultaneously and this process continues for a long time. Sty occurs due to the lack of vitamin A or D. Stye grows if a man or woman has been suffering from constipation. Patients of indigestion also become the victim of sties.


          Small pimples appear on both the eyelids or at the root of eyelids’ hair are called stye, anjanhari and narsarai. Sometimes, there is pus in stye that flows after bursting it and some times stye becomes the cause of great pain and appears simultaneously.


          Stye does not grow if a person washes his face with clean water early in the morning regularly. Smoke and dust remain in the eyes during traveling or walking in daytime. Mostly, man and woman have bad habits. They touch their eyes by hands during work. Homemakers touch their eyes with the edge of their saari. In this way, dust and harmful particles reach into the eyes. Stye appears due to germs’ infection.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Clove: Grind cloves with water and apply on the stye. This paste creates little burning sensation in the beginning when this paste is applied. Finally, stye disappears by its use.

2. Mango: Pluck mango leaves and apply leaf stem’s juice. A type of juice comes out when the leaf is plucked. This juice destroys stye soon.

3. Tamarind: Unpeel tamarind seed and grind with water. Apply it on the stye. Its use provides relief.

4. Plum: Apply plum fresh leaves stem’s juice on the stye. Its use provides a lot of relief in this disease.

5. Rasanjan: Grind rasanjan and mix honey and rose water in it. Drip this water into the eyes three or four times a day. Its use ends styes.

6. Date palm: Grind date palm seed with water and apply it on the stye twice or thrice a day. Its use provides a lot of relief.

7. Triphal (Myrolealans, beleric myrobalans, indian gooseberry):

  • Take 5 grams triphala and 2 grams liquorice powder with water twice a day is useful. Its use ends stye.
  • Immerse triphala into water at night and filter in the morning through a cloth and wash eyes with this water. This formula relives a person in this disease.
  • Taking 3 grams triphala with water regularly is very good remedy for the treatment of this disease. Its use stops the origin of stye.

8. Black pepper:

  • Grind extract of Indian Berberin, black pepper, long pepper and dry ginger each 10 grams. Mix water in this preparation and prepare small tablets. Grind a tablet and apply on the stye.
  • Grind black pepper with water and apply this paste on the stye. Its use cures this disease. This paste creates little pain in the beginning while applying.

9. Tamarind:

  • Grind tamarind’s kernel on neat slab like sandal. Its use provides coolness soon and stye disappears.
  • Grind tamarind seeds with water like sandal and apply this paste on the stye. Its use provides relief soon.

10. Neem: Grind neem peel with water and apply it on the stye twice a day. The stye bursts after suppuration by its use.

11. Caraway: Dissolve caraway in little water and wash face with this water. Its use is beneficial.

12. Myrolelans: Grind myrolelans with water and apply it on the stye. It provides relief.

13. Bamboo: Application of bamboo soft branches’ juice is also useful. It cures this disease.

14. Prickly poppy: Mix prickly poppy milk with ghee and apply it on the stye. Its use provides relief in this disease.

15. Holy basil: Grind clove with holy basil leaves juice and apply this paste on the stye.

16. Coleus Aromaticus: Grind the leaves of coleus Aromaticus into fine powder and tie this powder with the help of bandage by closing eye. Its use provides a lot of relief whether the stye is in a chronic stage.