The causes of over sleep are having meal or walking on improper time. Persons who are the victim of over sleep do not pay attention upon what is going on outside. He remains in sleep physically. Their mind falls in sleep. Victim of this disease does not awake if he is called many times for waking up whereas a normal person wakes up soon if he is asked to do so because his senses and physical body remain aware.

Treatment of this disease by several medicines:

1. Aniseed: Boil 10 grams aniseed in 500 ml water until it remains 1\4. Mix little salt in it and take twice a day. Its use ends the laziness and the victim does not feel over sleep.

2. Vinegar: Give vinegar to the patient to smell.

3. Wild egg plant: Grind 20 grams wild egg plant, tinospora, orrisa root, dry ginger, clerodendron serratum, and myrolelans each in equal quantity. Apply this powder in the eyes. Its use ends laziness and over sleep.

4. Sweet flag: Grind sweet flag properly and apply in the eyes. Besides it, smell this powder to remain far from over sleep.

5. Dry ginger: Grind dry ginger, small pepper and rock salt each in equal quantity to make a fine powder. Its use remains far a person from over sleep.

6. Horseradish: Grind horseradish seeds, rock salt, mustard and costus root each 3 grams to make a fine powder. Shuffle this powder with goat urine and give to the patient to smell. The patient gets free from over sleep by smelling it.

7. Indian hemp: Take 25 grams Indian hemp with water or milk twice a day. Its use remains far a person from over sleep.