There are many kinds of eye problems as itching of the eyes, weak eyesight, fogginess, corneal opacity, eye web, cataract, swelling of the eyes, inflammation of the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, swelling, redness, dryness of the eyes, blindness, etc. deficiency of vitamin ‘A’ is the cause behind the origin of eye diseases. Eyes are precious so treatment should be done soon if there is any kind of problem in them.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Mustard oil:

  • Wash hands-feet and mouth-eyes cleanly at night before going to bed. Apply mustard oil upon the soles. Eyes remain good and healthy by doing so.
  • Massage head with mustard oil, it is also good for the eyes.

2. Coach Grass: Walk on bare feet on green and dewy coach grass in the early morning; it is a boon for the eyes. Eyesight enhances by doing so.

3. Carrot: Eyesight enhances if green leafy vegetables and carrots are taken.

Medicine for cataract:

4. Asafetida: Mix asafetida, sweet flag root, dry ginger and little aniseed with honey. Its use provides relief soon in cataract.

Eyes itching:  

5. Hogweed: Grind hogweed root with Adipta Alba juice and apply in eyes. Itching of the eye ends by its application.

6. Gallnut: Grind well gallnut and small Myrolealans. Itching of the eye ends by applying this paste in eyes.

7. Egg: Burn eggs’ peel and then grind this. Eyes itching end if this ash is applied in the eyes.

Eyes weakness:

8. Carrot: Eyesight enhances by taking carrot mixing with cucumber juice each 125 grams.

9.  Spinach: Eyesight enhances by taking spinach juice.

10. Radish: Vitamin A is found in radish, which improves eyesight. Using radish regularly is very beneficial for the eyes. A person who uses radish needs no spectacles.

11. Onion:

  • Eyesight enhances by pouring onion juice into eyes regularly. Its use ends pterygium, eye web, cataract and many other eyes diseases.
  • Eyesight enhances by applying onion juice mixing with honey.

12. Coriander: Grind green coriander separately or with rice. Eating this preparation ends the weakness of the eyes and eyesight enhances.

13. Albizza lebbeck: Immerse three times little cotton in Albizza lebbeck juice and dry every time. Make a roll of this cotton and burn with jasmine oil to prepare collyrium. Apply it or ground beetle nut in the eyes. it is useful to reduce eye swelling.

14. Staff tree: Massage with staff tree oil on sole. Its regular use enhances eyesight.

Treatment of eye pupil outgrowth:

15. Big Myrolealans: Grind big Myrolealans, balis papad, rock salt and red sandal each in equal quantity. Prepare tablets of this preparation. Grind tablets with water and sugar candy. Apply this paste in the eyes. Grind onion with pigeon dung and apply it in eyes. Its use will provide good relief surely.

16. Collyrium: Grind 20 grams collyrium, pearl bhasma and alum each 10 grams and 20 grams sugar candy. Filter it through a cloth and grind again for five days in 5 grams aloe Vera juice. After that grind it again for five days in fish berry and grind for five days in lemon juice. Drip this preparation into the eyes. Its use cures several eye diseases.

17. Fomentation with cold water: If burning sensation takes birth in eyes because of eyes pain, redness, swelling and fast light, foment eyes with a cloth immersed in cold water. Repeat this process again and again. If this disease occurs in winter, foment with warm water.

Dark circles under eyes:

18. Cucumber: (kakri): Dark circles appear due to blood deficiency in the body or extreme depression. Put cucumber (kheera and kakari) small pieces on the eyes. These pieces provide coolness to the eyes.

Watch Darkness:

19. Make both palms like bowl and cover your eyes. Darkness will be spread before your eyes by doing so. Look this darkness for one minute. Repeat this process repeatedly after every one minute. The tiredness, pain and redness of the eye are cured by doing so.

20.  Mustard oil:

  • Mix one gram swarn kshiri alkali with 50 grams rose water. Pour this mixture into eyes twice a day. Its use ends eyes swelling, redness, eye web and pterygium.
  • Many eye diseases are cured by pouring two drops of prickly poppy juice into eyes.
  • Mix three drops ghee in one drop prickly poppy milk and use as collyrium. Eye dryness and blindness end.

21. Other treatments: Open your eyes in bucket’s water while bathing in the morning. Its use provides relief in several eye diseases.


  • Squint can be cured by an exercise of watching straight. For it, fix a glass without number in spectacles’ frame. Blacken the whole glass remaining central part of it with black paint pr black paper. Wear this glass upon squint eye and do watching works. Doing this squint is cured.

  • Watching finger is the easy exercise for the treatment of squint. Put your right forefinger (tarjani anguli) at your nose top and look it with both eyes, after that allow this finger to reach upon the right temple but look the finger constantly and put this finger again upon the tip of the nose and follow the previous process again viz do this process towards the left side. Both practices should be done simultaneously. This practice helps making the eyes veins and nerve straight. Blink your eyelids constantly while doing this process.