It is considered that there are many symptoms of rheumatic-bilious fever, which are as follow. the sufferer feels shivering in the body, pain, dryness of the mouth and lips, excessive thirst, vomiting, headache, high fever, no sweating, dryness of the throat, severe  pain in the waist, back, shoulder, chest and arms, pinching and pain, sourness of the mouth, stomachache, gastric, dry faeces, severe pain in the heart and head, pain all over the body, dryness, black urine, yawning, tiredness without doing work, sensation of pulse motion like a snake and leech, sour teeth and straighten of the small and soft hair on the body, etc.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Chireta: Prepare a decoction by boiling equal quantity of chireta, indian gooseberry (amla), zedoary, grapes, black pepper, dry ginger and tinospora and take after mixing a little jiggery (gur) in it. It gets rid of rheumatic-bilious fever.

2. Indigofera Tinctoria: Prepare a decoction by boiling indigofera tinctoria, cuscus, mild himalaya cherry, country mallow, careya arborea, liquorice root, grapes, grewia asiatica and bassia latifolia. Now take after cooling it. It use is beneficial in rheumatic-bilious fever.

3. Tinospora

  • Prepare a decoction by boiling an equal quantity of tinospora, pavonia odorata, root of castor oil plant, nut grass, padhkashtha, clerodendron serratum spreng, small peeper, cuscus and sandal and then take. It is useful in rheumatic-bilious fever.
  • Prepare a decoction with an equal quantity of tinospora, pugsley, nut grass, dry ginger and chireta and then take. It cures rheumatic-bilious fever.

4. Myrolealans: Prepare decoction by boiling an equal quantity of myrolealans, beleric myrobalans, indian gooseberry (amla), bark of silk cotton tree pluchea lanceolata, pulp of pudding pipe tree and Malabar nut and then take. It provides relief in rheumatic-bilious fever.

5. Pudding Pipe Tree: Prepare a decoction by boiling an equal quantity of the pulp of pudding pipe tree, nut grass, liquorice root, cuscus, myrolealans, turmeric, Indian berberry, leaves of wood-apple, bark of neem and pierorhiza and then take. It gets red of rheumatic-bilious fever.

6. Desmodium Gangeticum: Grind desmodium gangeticum, uraria lagopoides, solanum indicum, solanum xanthocarpum, small caltrops, tinospora, nut grass, dry ginger and chireta to make a powder. Now take decoction prepared by it. It cures rheumatic-bilious fever and the fever caused by poison or peptic juice.

7. Emetic Nut: First, strip the peel of 2-3 good emetic nut and grind thickly. Thereafter soak this preparation in 60 ml water at night. Take this in the morning after rubbing and filtering it properly. It helps in vomiting and gets rid disorders of bile and phlegm.

8. Woodfordia floribunda Salish: Give the decoction of the leaves of woodfordia floribunda Salish and dry ginger after adding sugar in it. It abates rheumatic-bilious fever.9.

9. Greater galangal: Massage small fennel oil on the affected part of the body. It helps to get rid to vatta disorders.