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         Feed mother milk to the child as soon as you can do just after delivery. This milk of the mother viz cholesterol provides vital power to live to the child and supplies nutritious elements. This milk saves the child from several diseases. Mother milk should be fed up to the child at the regular interval of 2-3 hour interval regularly. Feeding mother milk is the best supplement for the child when the child starts to weep.  A child needs not water for three months until child sucks mother milk. Mother milk is sufficient for all. Although feeding water to the child is not harmful. There is no need to be worried if the child vomits milk in starting. A child needs no tonic or gripe water until heshe feds up milk. A mother should not drink water just after taking meal and she should feed up milk to the child before taking food. She should drink little water before feeding up to a child. A child does not suffer from vomiting and dysentery by doing this. Milk should not be fed up to the child in mental disturbances or rage. The mother should be happy and jolly while feeding up milk to the child. Milk should not be fed up to the child just after bathing or washing head. After feeding up milk to the child, take to the child in her lap and pat her child’s back by palms. Child’s stomach air will come out in belching form and the child will feel light. The child will remain far away from dyspepsia. A mother can feed up her milk to the child for nine months. Mother milk can be fed up to the weak child for one year.

From fourth to six months:

1.Milk: A mother should feed her milk to the child continuously.

2. Honey: Give 4 drops honey to child to lick early in the morning daily. This escapes a child from many diseases and child’s weight increases. A child faces no problem during dentition.

3. Almond: Soak one almond in water at night and grind properly in the morning like sandal on a clean slab. Give it to the child to lick by her finger. Child’s mind and heart remains healthy. The child becomes happy. But almond should not be bitter.

4. Orange: Extract one orange juice and feed up to the 4 month’s child after filtering at noon.  Mix equal amount of orange juice and water. This preparation can also be given to the 4 week’s child if there is need. Its quantity should be two spoons maximum viz one spoon orange juice and one spoon water. Water quantity should be reduced slowly and finally orange juice quantity should be increased. Feeding this juice is very beneficial for child’s health. Child complexion also fairs by its use.

5. Soup: Besides, fruit and vegetables soup (tomato, carrot, spinach, coriander and green leaves) and green kidney bean pulse water (moong ki dal ka paani) can be fed to the child. But mention that it should be in little quantity.

6. Broadens child chest: A three month old child should lay down on the chest for three minutes daily. Time should be increased as child grows. It broadens child’s chest and child’s digestion becomes strong. The child will feel no problem in the stomach.

7. Mustard oil: A child should be massaged with mustard or olive oil twice or thrice a week before bathing. Children remain healthy and fat by doing so. Child’s weight is 2.5 kg at the birth time and it doubles in four months viz child’s weight becomes about 5 kg. A one year child’s weight should be about 7.5 kg viz three fold than the birth time.

From seventh month to one year:

         A child needs other eatable things except mother’s milk after six month of birth because only mother milk is not sufficient for the growing child. Giving rubbed banana is the best for six months child along with mother milk. Banana digests easily if half cardamom powder is mixed with rubbed banana. It remains far to the child from constipation. Cow fresh milk can also be given to the six months child Along with mother milk. Packed milk is not good. If child does not digest given milk, mix water in equal quantity with milk and reduce water quantity slowly. Milk becomes light and digests easily by doing this. If little aniseed or small pepper is boiled with milk, it becomes light and digestible. Milk should not be fed by bottle. Milk should be given to the child by spoon or bowl. If giving milk by bottle is necessary because of any reason, don’t wash bottle with detergent powder. Bottle should be boiled with water after use. Bottle should be cleaned before use. Extra milk can be given to the child before six months in need. Mix barley water in milk in equal quantity or little less and feed to the child.

Method of preparing barley water:

         Boil 8-10 seeds of barley in half liter water.  After boiling 3 or 4 times this pot should be put down and filter this water. Fill this water in another pot. Milk becomes more nutritious by mixing this water. It digests easily and saves the child from stomach ache. Mix boiled water half than milk and barley boiled water half than boiled water into the milk. This preparation can be fed up to the four months’ child. Buffalo or cow milk, fruit’s juice and vegetable’s soup should be given to the child along with mother milk. Half solid eatable foodstuff as rice, watery pudding, potato and vegetables, watery mixed-heap can be started. Boiled potato and carrot should be given after rubbing properly. Milk mixed banana or parched rice (kheel) can also be given. During ninth month solid eatable substance as mixed-heap, wheat pudding, cooked pulse or vegetables without spices, rice, whey, curd, suji, idly, sago and small bread’s pieces with cooked pulse should be given to the child to eat. It should be in little quantity in the starting and afterwards increase its quantity according to child’s age and hunger. Meal should be given twice or thrice a day. Start feeding banana, chikoo or papaya small pieces to the child so that child can eat some things by chewing. After that give biscuits and carrots so that child may eat by holding them. Mention that pieces should be so small that child feels no problem in swallowing them.

From one year to three years:

         Balanced diet is very necessary for one to three years’ old child. As much the child grows in earlier two years as heshe does not grow in future.  Naturally child’s hunger reduces than before but don’t disturb by this. If 200 ml milk is given to four months’ child in 24 hours, 750 grams- one liter milk can be given to one year child according to weight. Cooked pulse, rice, breads, milk, and milk products, vegetables and fruits can be given to eat to 15 months child like other family members. Child will be healthy and free from diseases by following these rules and regulations.

Some general characteristics of a growing child:

         Child starts smiling in the six month and erects his or her neck in 3-4 months. Child moves his or her head towards the sound and tries to hold things. Child moves other side on the bed in 4-5 months. Child tries to reach and catch things after seeing them. Two incisors viz frontal teeth start to come out in the sixth months. Child starts to sitting by taking help in the 7-8th months and changes things one to another hand. Four frontal teeth of upper side come out in eighth or ninth months. Child starts to sitting without help and speaks in a lisping voice in ninth month. Child starts walking by knees and stands in 11th or 12th months. Child speaks two or three words in a sentence and understands others’ voice. Child walks by taking help in 13th month and drinks milk or tea by holding bowl. If child does so, it should be considered that child’s physically or mentally growth is well.