Locomotor ataxia is a disease, which occur due to air. The patient body keeps on moving in this disease. The patient body keeps on changing the side as left to right and right to left in this disease. If the patient put up the step to walk, he walks with abrasion his fingers on the earth. If the patient walks with close eyes, he can’t walk for two steps.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Long peppers: Mix well long peppers with honey and loaf sugar then give it to the patient and after that 3 long peppers should be increased for 10 days regularly. Thus, shuffle 30 long peppers on 10th day afterwards 3 long peppers should be decreased till first day. 3 long peppers should be shuffled at last day. It is useful to cure Locomotor ataxia.

2. Garlic: Cook garlic juice with berberin and take it, it ends moving of the hand and feet caused by locomotor ataxia. Garlic juice is very useful for the patient.

3. Black peppers: Rub oil of black peppers on the feet twice a day to get relief in locomotor ataxia.

4. Pudding pipe tree: The patient, who suffers from locomotor ataxia, should take 100-200 ml juice of pudding pipe leaves twice a day, it provides relief. Rub well this juice on the feet to get relief.

5. Staff tree: Mix 2-4 cloves with decoction of seeds of staff tree. Take 40 grams this mixture twice a day to get much relief in locomotor ataxia.

6. Rock salt: Mix 10 grams rock salt with 250 ml water and pour this mixture on the one place of feet, it makes the feet muscles very strong. Patient feels much relief from locomotor. Rock salt increases blood pressure and keeps strong to the cells.

7. Eagle wood: Take about ¼ parts eagle wood twice a day regularly, it provides relief in locomotor ataxia.

8. Wild saffron: Mix oil of panchang (stem, root, leaves, fruit and flower) of wild saffron with mustard oil and rub it on the hand and feet, it provides relief in locomotor ataxia.