Liver of the children becomes defective in the lack of proper diet. Consequently, swelling and inflammation originate in it.

Treatment by different medicines :

1. Caraway:

  • Grind caraway with water and mix black salt in it. Fill it into a pot and give one spoon to the child. All liver diseases are cured by its use.
  • Grind hen bane seeds with wine and apply it on the portion of liver. Swelling and pain of the liver ends by its use.

2. Papaya: Eat papaya and apple; it cures liver problems of the children.

3. Turpentine: If there is pain near about the liver of the children, massage with turpentine oil and foment with hot cloth piece. Liver problems disappear by its use.

4. Indian mustard: Grind Indian mustard on a stone piece and heat this paste a little. Its application provides relief.

5. Triphala: Mix honey in the lukewarm decoction of triphala. Give 10-20 ml this decoction to the child to drink twice a day. Its use provides relief in liver problems.

6. Garden nightshade: Mix radish and garden nightshade juice each 20 ml and give to the child to drink twice a day. Its use provides relief in liver problems.

7. Bitter gourd: Mix little honey in bitter gourd leaves or fruit’s juice and give to the child to drink. Its use provides relief.

8. Orissa root: Give 1\4 gram Orissa root to the child to eat twice a day if there is enlargement in child’s liver. Its use provides relief.

9. Cardamom: Toast 1\2 gram powder of cardamom and give to the child to eat. Its use provides relief in liver swelling and pain.

10. Sesbenia grandiflora:

  • The juice of Sesbenia grandiflora leaves should give to the child from one fourth to half spoon to drink. Stomach cleanses after three or four times evacuation of stool.
  • All types of children diseases are cured if 5-10 ml juice of Sesbenia grandiflora is given to the child to drink. Child evacuates three or four times after taking this medicine.