Sometimes, the brain of a person gets affected along with the body because of any accident or injury. Any injury is harmful for the brain and the memory of a person becomes weak. In this case, the victim starts to forget small things.


Weakness of the body, excessive decay of semen, too much activeness and sexual urge and sexual relations become the causes of weak memory.

Treatment of this disease by several medicines:

1. Honey: Grind 3 grams nigella seeds with honey and take in the morning. Its use provides relief in this disease.

2. Dry ginger: Grind dry ginger, pulp of ivy gourd, nut grass each 25 grams and take it in the morning with water.  Its use ends this disease named forgetfulness.

3. Black peppers: Grind 50 grams bacopa (brahm booti) with 5 grams ground powder of black pepper. Sieve it and take it with milk or water in the morning. Its use ends this disease named forgetfulness.

4. Arabian manna plant: Grind thickly 25 grams root of Arabian manna plant dried in shadow and boil in 250 ml water until it remains 14. Sieve it and mix with half spoon ghee. Take it after heating it a little. Its regular use twice a day for one week cures this disease.