Introduction: White eyeball is called eyes web.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Castor oil : Mix 25 drops of carbolic acid into 30 ml castor oil and drip two drops into the eyes twice a day. Its use ends eyes web and eye pupil outgrowth.

2. Turmeric:

  • Grind pure nitre and mango ginger properly. Filter this mixture through a cloth. Apply it into the eyes with a surgical probe (salai) for seven days regularly.
  • Put a turmeric piece into a lemon’s hole. Hang this lemon with a thread. When lemon dries completely take out that turmeric piece from lemon. Grind that piece with water and apply it in the eyes twice a day. Eye web disappear by its use.

3. Potato: Grind raw potato on a stone and extract its juice. Apply this juice in the eyes like collyrium twice a day, it cures 5-6 years old eye web and eye pupil outgrowth.

4. Onion:

  • Soak cotton wick in onion juice and dry this wick. Burn it with seasame oil and prepare collyrium. Application of this collyrium ends eye web.
  • Mix rose water with onion juice and apply it in the eyes. Its use ends eye web.

5. Radish: Radish water destroys eye web and eye pupil outgrowth.

6. Crabs claw: Put crabs claw’s one hand long-thin branch into the mouth and give up a long breath. In this way, little water comes out. This water should drip into the eyes for three days.

7. Camphor: Grind camphor with banyan milk and apply it in the eyes. Its use ends two months old eye pupil outgrowth.

8. Wild eggs plant: Abrade wild eggs plant root with lemon juice and apply it into the eyes. Its use destroy eye web and eye pupil outgrowth.

9. Neem: Grind neem dried flowers and nitre into fine powder and filter through a cloth. Eye sight enhances by applying this powder like collyrium. Neem raw fruit’s milk can be applied in the eyes for the treatment of night blindness.

10. Coriander: Eyes heat calms by dripping green coriander leaves juice into the eyes 3-4 times a day. Burning sensation, eye web, redness and ache end by its use.