Eyes Related More Diseases:

Sometimes, eyelids tremble themselves due to neural trembling. No one can control these eyelid’s cramps. Sometimes, a person becomes unable in observing due to excessive eyelids cramps. Some persons think that right eye’s cramp is good symbol for man and left eye’s cramp for a woman.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Spikenard: Take 28-55 ml. decoction of spikenard twice or thrice a day. Eyelid’s cramp reduces by taking this medicine.

2. Garlic:

  • Grind four buds of garlic with four seeds of castor without peels and boil well in milk. Eyelid’s cramps stop by taking this preparation.
  • First, cook garlic in oil and massage with this oil on the eyelids. Besides it, take Babereng and garlic pudding. Its use stops eyelid’s cramps.

3. Pomelo: Take 10–20 ml pomelo leaves juice to stop eyelid’s cramps. Pomelo is bigger than citron. Its fruit’s caliber is 15-20 cm.

4. Dry ginger: Mix dry ginger in maharasnadi decoction and take it twice a day. Cramps in every organ stop by its use whether there is cramp in finger or eyelid.

5. Sugar candy: Boil well 10 grams cow ghee in 40 ml milk. Eyelid’s cramps disappear completely by taking 3-6 grams winter cherry powder and sugar candy with hot milk twice a day.

6. Myrolelans (haritaki): Grind Myrolelans with water and apply this paste on the eyelids. Its use provides a lot of relief in the eye stye.

7. Prickly poppy: Mix prickly poppy milk and ghee together and apply it on the eyes. Its use is very useful for the eyes.

8. Beel’s leaf: Grind beel’s leaf into fine paste. Put this powder on a band-aid and tie this band-aid on the closed eyes. It cures the oldest diseases of the eyes.

9.  Myrolelans: Immerse 7-8 grams triphala powder in water. Grind it in the morning and filter through a cloth. Wash eyes with this water. Within few days all eye’s diseases will cure by following this formula.