Sometimes, children become irritated because of any problem or pain in any body organs. It is so because children cannot express their problems through words therefore they begin to cry. Child becomes silent if he or she is taken in lap and after some time child starts to weep again. If a toy is given to play, child play for some time with it and after sometime throws that toy.

         The child to whom every family member loves very much and child’s all desires are fulfilled what heshe wants. Such children become stubborn and want to fulfill all their desires. If they were ignored, they begin to cry whether they are at home or anywhere. The parents have to fulfill their desires perforce.

         The environment of the home should be pleasant always. Disputes or fighting should not take place at home. Such environment affects not well upon the child and heshe becomes irritated. Children should live in a pleasant atmosphere. Good stories should be told to children at night. Sometimes, parents should also play with children. They can act as children while playing with them.

         Irritation originates in children due to lack of sleeping because children wake up in late hours at night and if they are woke up early in the morning, they start to cry. Meal has such elements, which effect upon the child’s nature. Oily or spicy food and excessive sweet make stubborn to the child.

         Maximum time of children should pass in games because if the child will go to play in park or anywhere outside, heshe will be busy in game and conversation with other children. In this way, the child will not get time to be stubborn and after some time this habit will end.

         If the child is so young that he she can demand hisher needy things, do not give things asked by them. If you fulfill their desires, habit of obstinacy will increase. On the other hand, if their demands are not fulfilled and all efforts of the child become vain, the habit of obstinacy will end. In this way, the child will become normal gradually.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Black cumin seed: If the child’s stomach becomes surfeited and he\she keeps on weeping, mix black or rock salt into the juice of black cumin and give to the child to drink. Surfeited stomach will be normal and ache will end. Child gets a lot of relief by this medicine.

2. Cassia (tezpatta): Mix 2-3 grams cassia powder with ginger juice or honey and give to child to lick. Its use provides relief in all infantile diseases.

3. Triphala: Mix powder of triphala or long pepper with honey or ghee and give to child to lick. Children stop weeping. Ghee and honey should not be taken in equal quantity.

4. Babereng: If the child is so small that he or she cannot speak and weep due to stomach pain caused by worms, give 6 grams babereng powder (3 grams to younger child) to child with curd for three days continuously. This medicine destroys all stomach worms and throws them out.

5. Sweet flag root: If child becomes irritate due to neural disease and keeps on weeping, give 1-3 grams powder of sweet flag root twice a day to child to eat. Child gets a lot of relief by this medicine.

6. Rock salt: If child weeps and does not drink milk, mix rock salt and sugar candy with ghee and give to the child to eat. Alternatively, grind indian atees, pistacia integerrima, nutgrass and give to the child to lick mixing with honey.