The skin of the hands and feet starts to crack because of cold and sometimes wound occur there. The pain becomes unbearable.

Treatment by different medicines:  

1. Conch ash: Mix 10 grams conch ash with ghee and apply it on affected part, it provides relief in the cracked hand and feet.

2. Acacia arabica: Take ground tablet of acacia Arabica, it provides relief in the cracked heel or hand wrinkle.

3. Linseed oil: Heat 50 ml linseed oil and mix 5 grams pure wax and about 3 grams camphor in it. Apply this mixture on the affected hand and feet, it provides relief.

4. Turmeric: Mix ground turmeric with raw milk and rub it on the skin, it makes the skin soft. It is very useful for the hand and feet.

5. Jambule: If someone has been suffering from feet blisters caused by wearing tight and new shoes or walking, grind jambule stone with water and apply it on his affected twice or thrice a day. Use this process, it provides relief in cracked hand and feet.

6. Cashew nut: Apply oil of cashew nut on the external part of body (On the moles) to get relief. Its oil should be rubbed on the affected feet; it provides relief in the cracked feet.

7. Peepal: Apply juice of peepal or milk on the affected hand and feet to get relief.