Some times, the pain occurs in middle part of the chest (The both ribs which meet on where are called couri) is called couri pain. Couri pain occurs due to eat such type of meals, which occurs flatulence.

Meal and abstinence:

          The patient should not take rice, raw milk, curd, whey (Lassi), etc. should. The patient should not sleep after taking meal until digests food. Wheat daliya, wheat chapatti and green gram pulse (Moonge) should be taken.

Treatment by many medicines:

1. Asafoetida: Put about ¼ parts toasted asafoetida in dry grape of without seed and take it with water twice a day, it cures couri pain and hiccups.

2. Aniseed:

  • Grind 4 grams rose flowers and 4 grams aniseed with water. Couri pain is cured by taking it twice a day.
  • 6 grams powder of aniseed should be taken with cold water to cure couri pain. It provides relief from couri pain soon.

3. Amritdhara: Mix 5 drops of amritdhara with ground sugar and give it to the patient, it provides relief from pain.

5. Water: Mix 5 drops of amritdhara with water, give it to the patient, it provides relief in couri pain.

6. Barbasha: If someone has been suffering from couri pain, 2 grams barbahsa should be taken to get relief.