When the swelling occurs in the pharynx (which provides air in the lungs) and keep on standing it for a long time, it is called chronic bronchitis. Mostly, this disease belongs with Emphysema. This disease can live for 3 months to 2 years with and phlegm on the base of nature of the patient body.


        Mostly, chronic bronchitis occurs due to check dirt, smoke and kuhasa in the mucus. Mostly, the persons who live in the city suffer from this disease, especially who live in the factories area. It excessively occurs in the winter seasons and smoker too.


The phlegm discharges with cough in this disease. Sometime, some phlegm or excessive phlegm or light phlegm and thick phlegm discharges with cough. Many times, blood comes out with phlegm. The patient feels problems while breathing in this disease. In the beginning, patient feels breathing problems due to hard work but when this disease increases, patient feels breathing problems always. In this case, the patient can suffer from light fever too. When bronchitis becomes chronic, patient feels excessive problems while breathing because of which he suffers from suffocate.

Precaution: The patient who suffers from chronic bronchitis should safe from polluted environment and smoking.


        Light dinner should be taken at night and less than appetite because it is very useful for the patient (who suffers from bronchitis).