Oral Disease

Scurvy: Introduction, Cause, Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction:          Gums become soft and weak if there is a lack of vitamin ‘C’ in the meal taken by a person. Thus, a person suffers from gums’ bleeding. Pus also comes from the teeth. Black spots appear on the skin in the lack of vitamin C. Teeth become weak because of gums’ swelling. Besides...

Gingivitis: Introduction, Cause, Symptoms And Treatment

introduction:        Teeth move because of hurt in mouth and consequently, there is swelling in the gums. Gums swell because of having much hot food. Gums become weak due to swelling and teeth starts to fall in the lack of treatment. Cause:        Swelling comes on the gums because of injury or eating hard foodstuffs. Gums...

Diseases of the gums: Introduction,causes,Symptoms And treatment

Introduction:         Gums scratch by eating hard foodstuffs or any other reason because of which many diseases originate in the gums. Gums weaken because of many causes as coated teeth, sore in gums due to having excessive hot foodstuff and taking tobacco or Gutkha. Gums become slack if a person suffers from...

Gum boil: Introduction,Cause,Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction:           Gums scratch because of itching if there is scalus and inflammation in gums. Besides it, a scratch comes on the tongue while brushing consequently; this scratch spreads and changes into boils. In this condition, the patient suffers from excessive pain and pus keeps on flowing from it constantly. He faces great difficulty while...

Elongation of the uvula: Introduction, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Introduction:          Tongue swells by burning, having hot and spicy meals. In this way, tongue comes out from the mouth after swelling. Excessive saliva falls from the tongue of the patient in this disease. The patient suffers from extreme pain while having meal, speaking and swallowing. He faces difficulties while breathing because of tongue swelling....

Lips Diseases: Introduction,Symptoms & Treatment

Introduction: There are two lips. Upper lip is called aushth and lower lip is called adhar in Hindi language. Both are called lips. Diseases of the lips occur because of the blow of vata, pitta, kahpa, tirdosha, blood, flesh and eyes diseases. Symptoms: If diseases of lips occur because of vata disorder, the color of the victim...

Stammering: Introdution,Causes And Treatment

Introduction:         Repeating a word, stopping while speaking and becoming unable in appropriate pronunciation while speaking words in a fast way is called, stammering. A stammerer cannot utter words or sentence in proper way while pronouncing such words as pa, ba, ta, da, ga and ka. He feels difficulty in pronouncing these words and speaks...


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