Hands & Legs

Nails itching : Ayurvedic Treatment

Nails’ itching is a type of disease, which spoils the nails. Nails thickness, curvedness, flatness, etc. are symptom of the nails itching. Sometimes, this itching decays the nails because of which they appear rough. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Yellow datura: Apply ground root of yellow datura on the nails 2-3 times in a day...

Numbness of the thighs : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

The thighs become numb and senseless due to this disease. It is called numbness of the thighs (Urustambh). Causes: The gas becomes polluted by eating hot, cold, dry, heavy and light food stuff, night vigil, sleeping in day, hard work, mourning, fear and anorexia there after it mixes with aam. After that, it enters in the...

Elephantiasis : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Introduction: Elephantiasis is a type of skin disease. It is also known gajcharm. Causes: Mostly, elephantiasis germ takes birth on that place, where water fills in rainy season or every season for many days. This disease can take such man who lives in that palace. Symptoms: The swelling occurs in the joints of the thighs and abdomen in the...

Roughness of the Hands : Ayurvedic Treatment

Introduction: If the quantity of toxins starts to increase in the body, the skin becomes dry and rough. In this case, the skin of the hands becomes rough. Treatment by different medicines:   1. Vinegar: Mix vinegar with water and wash the hand with this mixture, it provides relief in roughness. 2. Barley: Mix some water with...

Cracked Hand and Feet : Ayurvedic Treatment

The skin of the hands and feet starts to crack because of cold and sometimes wound occur there. The pain becomes unbearable. Treatment by different medicines:   1. Conch ash: Mix 10 grams conch ash with ghee and apply it on affected part, it provides relief in the cracked hand and feet. 2. Acacia arabica: Take ground...

Sweat in Hand and Feet : Ayurvedic Treatment

Sweating is a common condition but if excessive sweat comes on the hand and feet in the summer or winter seasons while sitting, it is a type of disease. Sweat comes on the hand and feet without any reason during sitting in this disease. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Kandi: Burn separate kandi and yellow...

Inflammation of hands and feet

Introduction Itching of the hand and feet is called Inflammation of hands and feet. Swelling does not occur with it, but patient feels excessive inflammation and is being forced to sink his hands and feet in water. Mostly, this type of disease is found in women. Diseases treatment by different medicines : 1. Gulakanda: Take 6-10 grams...

Inflammation in Feet Soles : Ayurvedic Treatment

Introduction: Inflammation in the soles of feet occurs because of different kinds of causes because of which the patient has to face great difficulty in walking. Treatment by different medicines:   1. Bitter guard: Inflammation of feet soles is ended by rubbing juice of bitter guard on the soles. Ground leaves of bitter guard can be...

Locomotor Ataxia : Ayurvedic Treatment

Locomotor ataxia is a disease, which occur due to air. The patient body keeps on moving in this disease. The patient body keeps on changing the side as left to right and right to left in this disease. If the patient put up the step to walk, he walks with abrasion his fingers on...

Spasm of the Hand And Feet

The spasm of the hand and feet occurs due to lack of vitamin-B in the body. A type of spasm and unbearable pain take place in the internal muscles of the stomach, hand and feet due to lack of vitamin. The patient feels lightly relief while rubbing the affected part. Treatment by different medicines: 1....

Rheumatism : introduction, Causes & Treatment

Rheumatism is also known by the names of aamvat and sandhivatt. First of all, the symptoms of this disease appear as weakness and heaviness in the body. There is pain between the fingers of the hands in this disease. This pain and swellings arrive in the other fingers, if there is no treatment of...

Beriberi : Introduction, Symptoms & Treatment

Introduction: In beriberi disease, the quantity of vitamin-B reduces from body due to eating polished rice because of which neural pain, paralysis, dryness in muscles, swelling, etc. occurs in the body. Symptoms: The patient body suffers from weakness, feet swelling and fast pulsation due to beriberi disease because of which he feels problems while breathing. The fever...

Whitlow : Ayurvedic Treatment

When inflammation occurs in the middle part or front part of the finger, owing to this reason swelling occurs on that part because of which its internal fibers start on decaying resulting pus forms. The pus does not come out soon due to thick skin of the finger because of which germs (the germs which...


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