Eyes Disease

Night Blindness: Introduction.Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction:            Children become the victim of physical weakness due to the lack of good and nutritive food. Eyesight of the children also becomes weak with this physical weakness. Children face great difficulty while reading the matter written on the black board in classroom. Symptoms:            Night blindness patients see clearly during day but as sun...

Keratitis : Introduction And Treatment

Introduction Lot of water comes from the eyes in this disease named keratitis. Eyes close because of swelling, pain and when the patient goes in light. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Nut grass: Toast clean and neat fruit of nut grass with ghee. Grind it and apply in the eyes. Keratitis swelling disappears within 3-4 days. 2. Indian...

Stye : Introduction, Symptoms, Reasons And Treatment

Introduction:         If a sty appears on an eyelid, second stye grows soon on the other eyelids after bursting the first. Sties appear simultaneously and this process continues for a long time. Sty occurs due to the lack of vitamin A or D. Stye grows if a man or woman has been suffering from constipation....

Trachoma: Introduction,Causes And Treatment

Introduction:           Trachoma is very dangerous eye disease. Generally, this disease is called ‘rohe’. It can take another person in its grasp only by shaking hands. Mostly people in the world become blind due to this disease. Causes:           Trachoma occurs because of germs’ infection. Its germs can reach one person to another healthy person easily. An...

Eyelids and Eyebrow: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction:         Eyelids and eyebrow get affected from different kinds of disorders. Sometimes, small pimples appear on the eyelids because of which the victim suffers from violent pain, inflammation and pricking when he blinks. In addition to, water keeps on flowing from the eyes. Treatment: 1. Shell: Apply the ash of shell in the eyes as...

Blephritis: Introduction And Treatment

Introdution: Swelling comes on the eyelids and eyelids’ hair fall in this disease. It is called swelling of the eyelids or blephritis. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Red sandal: Grind red sandal and apply on the eyelids. This paste ends eyelids’ swelling. 2. Indian privet: Take 10-20 grams Indian privet leaves’ juice twice a day, it is useful...

Several: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction:         There are many kinds of eye problems as itching of the eyes, weak eyesight, fogginess, corneal opacity, eye web, cataract, swelling of the eyes, inflammation of the eyes, dark circles under the eyes, swelling, redness, dryness of the eyes, blindness, etc. deficiency of vitamin ‘A’ is the cause behind the origin of eye...

Dark Circles around Eyes: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction: Black and dark circles appear around the eyes due to lack of iron and calcium in meal. These dark circles take place because of excessive anger and worry. Thinking always about sex can be the cause of dark circles under the eyes. Treatment by different medicines:- 1. Tomato: Mix little gram flour in one spoon tomato...

Eyes Web:Introduction And Treatment

Introduction: White eyeball is called eyes web. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Castor oil : Mix 25 drops of carbolic acid into 30 ml castor oil and drip two drops into the eyes twice a day. Its use ends eyes web and eye pupil outgrowth. 2. Turmeric: Grind pure nitre and mango ginger properly. Filter this mixture...

Naktandhya and nakulandhya:Introduction And Treatment

Introduction: This disease occurs because of kapha disorder in which the patient is unable to observe at night but he can see easily during day light. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Ghee:  Toast leptadenid reticuleta leaves with pure ghee and take it thrice a day. Its use provides relief in both diseases naktandhya and Nakulandhya. 2. Sesbenia grandiflora:...

Cataract: Introduction,Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction - Cataract occurs because of hurt in the corneal, old age, diabetes, and gout, lungs burning sensation, artery diseases and many other diseases. There are two types of cataract soft and hard. Soft cataract colour is blue. It occurs since childhood to 35 years age. Hard cataract takes birth in old age. Its colour...

Lachrymatites- Introduction, Treatment by different medicines

Introduction            Pus comes out from eyes constantly if there is a sore in lachrymal gland. Water also comes along with pus from the eyes. White or yellow pus remains in the eyes corner. It is not necessary that there is redness in the eye because chronic inflammation changes into wounds. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Gold...

Eyes Ache- Introduction,Treatment by different medicines

Sometimes, it happens that there is no redness, swelling and other disease in the eyes in medical check up but there is ache in the eyeballs, is because of ligament disorders. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Triphala: Mix 6-10 grams mahatrifola ghee with equal quantity of sugar candy. Take this medicine twice a day. Its use...

Granular trachoma-Introduction,Treatment by different medicines

Introduction:           In this disease, some small red eruptions appear on the eyelids’ inner layer. These eruptions pinch in the eyes. The patient feels that there is something inside the eyes. Water comes out from the eyes, which becomes thick after some days. Eyelids skin folds towards inside when there is excessive swelling on the...

Eyelids Cramps-Eyes Related More Diseases,Treatment by different medicines

Eyes Related More Diseases: Sometimes, eyelids tremble themselves due to neural trembling. No one can control these eyelid’s cramps. Sometimes, a person becomes unable in observing due to excessive eyelids cramps. Some persons think that right eye’s cramp is good symbol for man and left eye’s cramp for a woman. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Spikenard: Take...

WEAK EYE-SIGHT : Symptoms & Treatment

different languages: English       -        Weak eye-sight Hindi           -        Nigah ki kami Madarsi      -        Kamnchhakkuravu Marathi       -        Drishti mand hone Punjabi       -        Najar kamjor Tamil          -       Pavaeikkurivi Telugu        -        Drishti durbalam Kannada     -        Kannumanju Bengali       -        Drishti khinnat Asami         -        Drishti durbalta Symptoms: In this disease the patient looks nothing clearly; he looks strange things, which do not exist in real....

Conjunctivitis : Introduction , Cause & Treatment

Introduction:           Eye redness, sensation of something in eyes and pain in the eyes are the main symptoms of conjunctivitis. A person feels pain when he opens eyes. Eyes cannot bear excessive light and pressure. Water and purulent matter substance come through the eyes when this disease reaches in its prime stage. Eyelids stick to...


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