Children Disease

Infantile Diarrhea: Introduction,Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction:           Child evacuates yellow and blue stool or blood with stool in this disease. There is a deficiency of water in the body in this disease.  Excessive thirst, sensation of burning sensation, unconsciousness and inflamed ani are other Symptoms of this disease. Name of infantile diarrhea in different languages: English          -        Infantile...

Measles: Introduction,Symptoms,Causes And Treatment

Introduction:            Measles is a contagious disease, which spreads one child to another rapidly. A virus has been considered the cause of this disease, which spreads one person to another through the process of respiration. Name in different languages: English       -        Measles Hindi          -         Khasra Malayalam -        Pogal mannal Marathi      -        Gobar Bengali      -        Hum Oriya         -         Milimila Gujrati       -         Odi kahsra Tamil        ...

Diphtheria: Introduction,Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction:            The disease Diphtheria takes 1-5 years old children in its grasp. Diphtheria occurs due to polluted blood according to doctors.            A membrane generates in the throat of the patient, which spreads in all direction slowly. The patient suffers from low temperature and the glands of the throat swell. The...

Liver Problems In Children: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction:         Liver of the children becomes defective in the lack of proper diet. Consequently, swelling and inflammation originate in it. Treatment by different medicines : 1. Caraway: Grind caraway with water and mix black salt in it. Fill it into a pot and give one spoon to the child. All liver diseases are...

Diabetes in Children: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction: Diabetes is such disease about which the victim does not become aware for long time. It is known by the name diabetes in English and Madhumeh in Hindi. The victim passes honey like substance with urine in this disease. This disease grows gradually. Power of the body keeps on decreasing because of this disease. ...

Infantile fever: Introduction,Causes,Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction: English       :        Infantile fever Hindi           :       Bachoo ka bukhar Gujrati         :       Chookarao ka tav Bengali       :       Bal jwar Kannada     :       Makkal jwar Asami         :       Balak jwar Malayalam  :       Bal jwaram Oriya            :       Pilanku jar Punjabi        :       Bichchiyan da bukhar Tamil            :       Kanjhandei jwaram Marathi     ...

Dentition: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction:        Child’s teeth come out during six months to tenth month if calcium is sufficient in child’s body. Moreover, if there is a lack of it in the body, child suffers from fever, green and yellow loose motions, constipation and watery mouth, irritation and other diseases. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Sweet flag root:...

Crying of children: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction: Sometimes, children become irritated because of any problem or pain in any body organs. It is so because children cannot express their problems through words therefore they begin to cry. Child becomes silent if he or she is taken in lap and after some time child starts to weep again. If a toy is...

Childhood-diarrhea: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction:         There is no need to break mother milk when the child falls ill due to diarrhea but meal should be changed as mixing curd in mixed heap (patli khichdi) and feeding banana by rubbing well.          When there is a lack of water, salt and sodium in the child’s body due to excessive vomiting...

Different Diseases of Children: Introduction And Treatment

Introduction Just as soul is connected with the body after birth and before death similarly, diseases are connected with the body. Diseases can occer before birth also because of hereditary diseases or impurity in sperm. Diagnosing of these diseases is very hard.           Child can be avoided from general diseases after birth. In this case, mothers...

Identification of Several Diseases Children

1.Headache: A child closes his eyes again and again if he or she has been suffering from headache. Besides it, the child does not put his or her head on one place. Child’s neck inclines towards below and he or she beats his or her head and clashes everywhere. The skin of the head...

Proper Nourishment of the Children

(FROM BIRTH TO 3 MONTHS) Children Diseases Related More Articles:          Feed mother milk to the child as soon as you can do just after delivery. This milk of the mother viz cholesterol provides vital power to live to the child and supplies nutritious elements. This milk saves the child from several...


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