Chest & Lungs

Broncho Pneumonia : Symptom & Ayurvedic Treatment

When the swelling and inflammation occur in the lungs with the swelling and inflammation of the internal membrane of respiratory system, it is called broncho pneumonia or swelling and inflammation of pneumonia. It is called broncho pneumonia because of symptoms of bronchitis in broncho pneumonia. Symptom:         The water gathers in the lungs and the middle...

Tracheitis : Causes & Ayurvedic Treatment

Tracheitis may be fast or chronic. Mostly, this disease belongs with swelling of the respiratory pipe or larynx. Sometimes, when the patient feels excessive problems while breathing due to increase this disease, a tube is reached in the breathing system for treatment or makes a hole in breathing system to make a normal breathing...

Rib Pain : Symptom & Ayurvedic Treatment

The veins become tight due to check phlegm in the lungs because of that patient suffer from ribs pain. Sometimes, when the patient suffers from cold, phlegm stops on the upper side and does not come out. The parson who takes such types food stuff, which originate gas, suffers from this disease. This disease...

Pneumonia : Causes, Symptom & Treatment

When the swelling occurs in the lungs due to any cause, it is called pneumonia. The one lung suffers from swelling in this disease but if both lungs suffer from swelling, it is called double pneumonia. Swelling of the lungs is called pneumonia. In this case, the lungs become hard due to swelling. If...

Couri Pain : Ayurvedic Treatment

Some times, the pain occurs in middle part of the chest (The both ribs which meet on where are called couri) is called couri pain. Couri pain occurs due to eat such type of meals, which occurs flatulence. Meal and abstinence:           The patient should not take rice, raw milk, curd, whey (Lassi), etc. should....

Pleurisy : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

When any type of liquid checks between the membranes (which cover to the lungs) and lungs, it is called pleurisy. The fever occurs due to pleurisy and patient feels problems while breathing. When the patient (who suffers from pleurisy) take breathe, he feels pain the chest. Name in different languages: English         :       Pleurisy Hindi      ...

Safe from Lungs Diseases : Ayurvedic Treatment

There are two lungs in our body and both lungs have about 30 crores to 65 crores chamber. Space of their surface is about 90 square meters. The shape of the lungs is like cone and their base stays on the counter of stomach and touches to the lower portion of the high neck. Purification...

Bronchitis : Causes & Treatment

When the swelling and inflammation occur in the mucus membrane in respiratory pipe, it is called bronchitis. In this case, the swelling occurs in both respiratory pipes (small and big). When this disease occurs in the children and old person, they feel excessively problems while breathing. Treatment of this disease should be done at...

Smoking : Introduction & Ayurvedic Treatment

Introduction:            Smoking is very harmful for our body. Smoking is mean-taking smoke. Smoking with biri, cigarette, purgative croton, Indian hemp, hubble-bubble, etc. enters polluted smoke in the lungs and pharynx because of which they become suffer. Its bad effects affect on the health by talking it. According to scientists- Smoking a cigarette reduces about...

Asthma : Ayutvedic Treatment & Precaution

When the patient feels problems while breathing, it is called breathing problems (Asthma). In this case, patient has to exhale breath with difficulty. Sometime, breath activity stops suddenly in this disease, which is called the retention of breath or suffocate. Asthma is different diseases from retention of breathe. When the spasmodic contraction occurs in...

Chest Pain : Ayurvedic Treatment

A person suffers from pain and inflammation in the chest because of the use of stale food, heat, sour belching, origin of acidic bile and other causes. The victim of this disease should not take rice, dry foodstuffs, oily things, etc. Treatment by different medicines: 1. Karanjava: Grind equal quantity of kernels of it, long...

Empyema : Causes & Ayurvedic Treatment

Accumulation of pus in a body cavity, especially in the pleural cavity is called empyema. In this disease, a type of pleura can fill by pus, only one part of it can fill, or accumulation of pus may be packaged in any packet. Causes: Mostly, the conditions of this disease occur because of swelling process....


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