Cataract occurs because of hurt in the corneal, old age, diabetes, and gout, lungs burning sensation, artery diseases and many other diseases. There are two types of cataract soft and hard. Soft cataract colour is blue. It occurs since childhood to 35 years age. Hard cataract takes birth in old age. Its colour is yellow. Cataract can take in its grasp one or two eyes both. Eyesight reduces slowly and at last ends completely.

Name in different languages:      

English        :        Cataract

Hindi           :        Motiyabind

Punjabi       :        Motiyabind

Bengali       :        Timir

Kannada     :        Pare barubudu

Telugu        :        Shukalalu peruguta

Malayalam :        Timrim

Arabic        :        Andha

Gujrati       :        Motiyabind

Marathi      :        Drishti dosha

Tamil         :        Kan, kasam


          Eyes’ partially or full lack of transparency is called cataract. In early stage of this disease, eyesight reduces and the patient looks such things as spider’s web that is not present in real. As cataract grows as eyesight becomes weak and finally man becomes blind completely.

Meal and abstinence:  

          Ground Indian gooseberry or its jam, papaya, ripe mango, milk, ghee, butter, honey, black pepper, ghee-ground sugar, aniseed-sugar candy, jiggery or dry coriander, amaranths or spinach, cooked pulse with kari patta, lambs quarters, horse radish tree, mint, coriander, cabbage, fenugreek, kari patta, and carotene fully herbals, sprouted lentil green (moong), carrot, almond, and honey are very beneficial for the treatment of cataract.

          Fine flour, washed rice, pudding, boiled potato, halva, oily food, teacoffee, wine, pickles, chocolate and other things should not take in this disease.

Treatment by different medicines:

 1. Camph or: Grind  bhimsaini camphor with the milk of woman who gave birth to a boy and apply in the eyes as collyrium. Sal ammonic (nausadar) can be applied in the eyes as collyrium. Both uses provide a lot of relief. Mention that it can be used with rose water.

2. Justicia picta: Extract juice of clean washed justicia picta leaves. Fill this juice in good quality of stone grinder and shake it with pounder until it becomes dry. Apply this preparation as collyrium in the eyes; it is useful for the treatment of cataract.

3. Trianthema portulacastrum: Grind white flowered trianthema portulacastrum root with edipta Alba leaves’ juice and apply in the eyes twice or thrice a day, use it for some days, it ends cataract and enhances eyesight. It is called an herb of eyesight. Applying trianthema portulacastrum juice mixing with honey is useful for the treatment of many eye diseases.

4. Honey:

  • Eyesight will never reduce if a healthy person applies honey once or twice a week with a surgical probe but eyesight will enhance as age grows. In addition to, grind four whole nights immersed almond with four black peppers and lick mixing with sugar candy. These almonds can be chewed also. Milk should be drunk after chewing this medicine.
  • Mix ginger, lemon and white onion juice each 10 grams with 90 grams honey collected by small butterflies and filter it. Cataract is cured by dripping 1-2 drops in the eyes of this mixture twice a day. Its use should be followed for a long time to get relief. In the same way, eyesight enhances by dripping rose water in the eyes and a person throws glasses after its use.

5. Self-urine: Early cataract is cured or checked by dripping ones urine in the eyes twice or thrice a day. Fill urine in a flat-mouthed bottle and cover it properly. After 15 minutes, urine can be poured into the eyes when it cools.  Drip its 2-3 drops into the eyes or wash your eyes with it. This formula should be followed for two or three months regularly.

6. Rock salt: Grind one-gram rock salt and 5 grams tinospora and apply this powder in the eyes mixing with honey twice a day. Its use is beneficial for the treatment of the cataract.

7. Onion:

  • Mix white onion, ginger and lemon juice each 10 ml with 50 grams honey. Cataract is cured by dripping 2-3 drops of this preparation.
  • Mix well white onion juice and pure honey collected by small butterflies each 10 ml with 2 grams bhimsaini camphor. Fill it into a bottle. Apply this preparation in the eyes with the help of a surgical probe before going to bed. Its use ends cataract in its early stage. It cures chronic cataract also.
  • Mix onion and honey juice each 10 ml with 40 grams honey. Apply it in the eyes twice a day. Its use provides relief in this disease.

8. Sal ammoniac: Apply toasted sal ammoniac in the eyes before sleeping. Its use provides relief in cataract.

9. Carrot: Mix 310 ml carrot juice mixing with 125 ml spinach juice. Take this mixed juice; it is beneficial for the treatment of cataract.

10. Triphala (beleric myrobalans, myrolealans and Indian goose berry):

  • Take 6-12 grams triphala powder with 15-25 grams ghee thrice a day provides relief in cataract.
  • Grind well liquorice root with triphala powder each in equal quantity and drip 3-6 grams with honey or ghee twice a day. Its use provides relief.

11. Lemon:

  • Mix lemon, ginger and white onion juice each ten grams with 90 grams honey collected by small butterflies and filter. Pour 1-1 drops into the eyes twice a day for one month regularly. Cataract disappears by its use.
  • Prepare decoction by boiling lemon juice, Sespadula (pattriphalaol patra) and tinospora stem each in equal quantity. Take this decoction mixing with ghee twice a day to get relief in this disease.

12. Dashamool: Take 15-30 grams decoction prepared by well ground turpeth root with purified ghee and 15-30 ml decoction of dashamool thrice a day. A person gets rid of cataract by taking this preparation.

13. Pepper: Mix long pepper, usher mool, thespesia populena soland ex correa and udumbar decoction, haridra prakand powder and usheer mool powder with ghee and take 12-24 grams it twice a day, its use provides a lot of relief in cataract.

14. Rasanjan: Paste prepared from rasanjan, kasis and jiggery is useful for the treatment of cataract. This paste should be applied in the eyes.

15. Long pepper: Mix long pepper and rock salt each in equal quantity. Apply this powder mixing with honey as collyrium.

16. Aamlaki: Heat one-liter aamlaki fruit’s juice with 50 grams ghee and mix 50 grams honey in it. This preparation should be used as collyrium for the treatment of cataract.

17. Coriander:

  • Boil ground coriander in one cup of water and filter through cloth after cooling. It is useful for the treatment of cataract.
  • Boil one spoon coriander in a cup of water and filter after cooling. Its use ends cataract.

18. Madar: Mix 10 grams old bricks powder in madar milk and let it dry. Mix 6 clove in it and grind well in an iron mortar. Filter the preparation through a cloth. Inhale this powder through nose early in the morning regularly. Its use provides relief in cold and catarrh.

19. Neem: Apply neem seeds’ powder in the eyes. Its use is beneficial for the treatment of cataract.

20. Berbang: Apply ghee on Bengal quince leaves and toast them. Many eye diseases are cured by binding these leaves on the eyes, by dripping its leaves juice into the eyes and by applying the paste of its leaves on the eyelids.