Swelling comes on the eyelids and eyelids’ hair fall in this disease. It is called swelling of the eyelids or blephritis.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Red sandal: Grind red sandal and apply on the eyelids. This paste ends eyelids’ swelling.

2. Indian privet: Take 10-20 grams Indian privet leaves’ juice twice a day, it is useful for the eyes. In addition to grind Indian privet, smooth leaved pongamia, neem and datura into fine paste. This paste can be applied on the eyelids. Its use reduces eye swelling.

3. Gyanandropsis pentaphylla: Eye swelling ends by applying the paste of yellow flowers gyanandropsis pentaphylla leaves on the eyelids.

4. Purified poison nut: Take 1\4 gram purified poison nut powder twice a day; it is useful for the eyes.

5. Nigella: Grind nigella into fine paste and apply on the eyelids. This application reduces eyelids’ swelling.

6. Extract of Indian berberin: Eyelids’ swelling and pain reduce by the application of extract of Indian berberin paste.

7. Odina woodier: Eyelids’ swelling and pain end by applying the paste of odina woodier leaves.

8. Indian sorrel: Grind Indian sorrel saag and apply it on the eyelids. Its use ends eyelids’ swelling.

9. Walnut: Eyelids swelling or pain reduces by tying ground walnut peels’ paste on the eyelids.

10. Indian kino tree: Eyes swelling, burning sensation and pain ends by applying ground leaves of Indian kino tree.

11. Ipomoea petaloidea: Grind ipomoea pataloidea tree leaves and apply this paste on the eyelids. Its use ends eyes’ swelling and pain.

12. Mahatrifola ghee: Mix sugar candy in 6-10 grams mahatrifola ghee. Eyelids swelling, blephritis, eye redness, pain and burning sensation end by taking it daily twice a day.

13. Black pepper: If there is a painful pimple upon the eyelids, apply ground black pepper. Pimple disappears by doing so.

14. Tamarind: Grind tamarind seeds and apply like sandal. Pimples on the eyelids disappear by using this paste.