There are different kinds of Agantuk fever.

First– Poison Fever (It happens the cause of that immovable and movable poison)

Second– Medicinal smell fever (It is caused by the smelling of any strong medicines)

Third– Sex Fever (the cause of this fever are obstacles while copulating)

Fourth– Fear Fever (caused by any types of fear)

Fifth– Rage (angry) fever (caused by excessive rage)

Sixth– Ghost Fever (caused by the fear of ghost)

Seventh– Hypocrite Fever (caused by the process of hypnotism).

Causes: Agantuk fever is caused by different reasons. The reasons, by this fever occur are as following:-

1.Vish Jawar (Poison Fever) – This type of fever is caused by any type of immovable and movable poison. The face of the patient, suffered from this fever turns black. The affected person feels burning sensation in his body and like needle pricking. In this condition, the patient has no interest in food but feels over thirst and loose motions.

2. Aushadhgandh Fever (Medicinal Smell Fever) – This type of fever is caused by any strong smell of medicine or foul smell of air. Headache, vomiting, sneezing and hiccup are the common symptoms in this condition. The face of the patient fades. Temperature of the patient’s body raises and he feels nervousness and thirst. Pulse rate rises from 90 to 120. There are red spots which come on the body and liver of affected person. The affected person has blood diarrhea, pain, spleen problem also. There is also a possibility of ‘Typhoid in this fever, if it does not prevent in between 20 to 30 days. We can use the julab of castor oil, Rauwolfia serpenntina (Sarpgandh) decoction and the fume of Asthagandha to prevent Medicinal Smell Fever.

3. Abhighat Fever – The fever which is caused by any hurt is called Abhighat Fever. To give ghee and meat soup with boil rice is useful to the affected person.

4. Mental Fever (Manas Jawar) – The fever caused by disturbances of the mind and tension is called Mental Fever. In this fever, good behavior and intimacy is so essential for an affected person.

5. Fear Fever (Bhaiy Fever) – The fever, in which, the patient fears so much and he feels the sound of ayein-byein-shyein (logorrhea) is called Fear Fever. Vatta, Pitta and kapha increases in this fever. So, the patient should take the treatment after the confirmation of his condition.

6. Rage (angry) Fever (Krodh Fever) – Pitta increases in this fever, so check the pitta before the treatment is benefited. The body of the patient trembles in this fever.

7. Ghost Fever (Bhut Jawar) – The fever, in which the patient cries, trembles, laughs and do the other types of inhumanity works (those works which the healthy persons never do) is called ghost fever. In this fever, we can treat the patient by giving him punishment and the practice of ghostology besides other ways of treatment.

Which are as following: –

  • First– Tie the root of Sahdei on the throat of the patient.
  • Second– Put the root of Cleome Viscosa Linn (hurhul) in the ear of the patient.
  • Third– Take the root of kakmachi in the period of Pushp Sankranti and wrapped in a red thread then tie it on the arm, neck or head of the patient.
  • Fourth – Invite Cannabis Indica tree (Bhang) in the night then take the root of it next morning and tie the root on the head of the patient.
  • Fifth – First, squeeze eight leaves of Tulsi plant and then mix the mixture of small peepal, Sonth and black pepper then give the whole mixture to the patient to inhale.
  • Sixth – Give the mixture of purified sulphur and the powder of Indian gooseberry with ghee to the patient to eat.

8. Sexual Fever (Kaam Jawar) – In this fever, the symptoms present in the patients are as laziness, anorexia, drowse, instability, dryness of body, heart pain, heavily breathing and concentrate at one thing. Wind increases in this condition.  Give the decoction of sugandhbala, Lotus, sandal wood, cus-cus, cinnamon and Indian nard to the patient is benefited in this fever.

9. Hypocrite Fever (Abhichar Jawar) – It is caused by the process of hypnotism that is done by the enemy of anyone or by the reciting of spell by himself. In this condition, patient feels thirst and senselessness. We should give charity; do sacrificial ladle and reciting the necessary mantra in this fever.

10. Planet afflicted Fever (Grahpeer Jawar) – Use charity, Swasticwachan and the peace of planet, it is good in this fever.


  • Do not transgress in any type of aagantuk fever.
  • Using meat soup and boiled rice is beneficial in this fever.